From Zero To The Moon

Network-Powered investors PreSeed rounds, alongside super angels, accelerators and VCs

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What we offer

  • 500+ angels for global business connections and strategies
  • Network 100+ international partners for future capital raising
  • Synergies with IAG portfolio of 80+ startups and scaleups
  • Maximize your next round opportunities
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What we look for

  • We love serial entrepreneurs
  • Multidisciplinary hard/soft skills
  • Strong commitment in the project
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  • Multibillion dollar market
  • Hyper-Growth sector
  • Well defined target customers
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  • Presence of professional investors
  • Clear Roadmap and KPIs
  • We complete at least 50% of the round
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How we invest

Fast Check

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A quick and easy way for pre-seeded start-ups to get the funding they need to grow quickly and without complications.

Up to 100K

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We offer financing up to 100,000 euros to help you grow your project and reach your potential in the best possible way.

Founders Friendly

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We focus on founders and understand the challenges and opportunities of building a business.

Flexible Tickets

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SAFEs, Convertible & Equity: our financing options are flexible, designed for start-ups, and aimed to help you grow your business.

Who we are

Eden Ventures is an international venture capital firm, backed by IAG, the main Italian business angel network. We are the garden of Eden of pre-seed startups allowing founders to let their talents flourish. Our top founders can leverage a 500+ angels network unlocking business connections and fundraising opportunities with club deals and VC partners.

From Zero To The Moon

From Zero To The Moon

From Zero To The Moon

From Zero To The Moon

From Zero To The Moon

From Zero To The Moon

Our Seedsman

Discover Our Garden

Lumi is a global open-innovation platform for 10-18 year olds to build future skills & solve global problems via Quests.

Bugpilot is an AI-powered platform that replaces the manual work needed for bug resolution.

SiZ combines pumped-hydro energy storage & offshore deployment scaling benefits.

Complaion helps SMEs achieve security and compliance without disrupting their business.

Anthropos helps organizations adopt a skill-first approach while creating the job roles of tomorrow.

Guud Woman is a platform that combines knowledge, support and supplements to support a healthy cycle.

Slesh is not just a payment method, but a powerful CRM tool. It collects valuable customer data in real time, both during and after the event.

Amilis is an app supporting women from the beginning to the end of their egg freezing journey, collecting datapoints.

Glaut allows companies to perform qualitative market research interviews at scale.

StepsConnect is a Generative AI platform for rewriting and transforming job posts into ADV campaigns on Social Networks.

Vaire Computing: Near-zero energy chips for Generative AI. Unlocking the future of computers.

Unakin: Building digital developers for specialized programming fields.

Audiogen is building an AI Audio copilot that makes audio production 100x faster for music, film and games.

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